Sunday, September 28, 2008

Canvas 4- Best one yet

Hey Fam,

The Canvas art show is finally over and went off beautifully. The coffee was good, the music was great, and the art was fantastic. I would like to extend a thank you to everyone who decided to stop by and take a look at the art being displayed.

Thanks to all the cool people I met, the people who came to support me and a special thanks to Mike D, Bobby Triplett and Element church for making everything happen. Here are some pics from the show.

And below is the art I brought to Canvas 4, for those of you who weren't able to make it to the show. Enjoy!

The monkeys both sold. The next three are character sketches for a Flash project I'm working on. I'll give you more info as it gets closer to being completed. I still like the robot the best.

Peace and God Bless,

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